Sunday, July 23, 2006

Newspaper Columnist Jealous of Success

L.A. County Supervisors Guzzling Gas Big-Time on Taxpayers' Dime - Los Angeles Times

>>I just happened to be in the Glendale neighborhood where Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich lives and noticed a big black Cadillac with tinted windows out front of his house, parked near a flagpole flying the red, white and blue.
I hung around for a couple of hours to catch any comings and goings, and to marvel at the size of the Cadillac.<<

We have a word for this sort of activity in California. Stalker.

>>The supervisors each have $3.4 million a year to hire staff and run their offices. The figure includes discretionary funds they can dole out at will to community groups, which makes for a convenient investment in their own reelection. Or they can buy cars and hire chauffeurs.<<

This guy is clearly jealous because he's writing for a declining newspaper and obviously not getting paid what he thinks he's worth. Now whose fault is that? As he himself notes, the Supervisors oversee $20 billion and 10 million people (2 million people each). That's more than any Representative in Congress, more than some Senators (I'm sure). Relax. They clearly do a much better job than the City of Los Angeles leadership, which consists of a 15-member City Council and a Mayor. If you don't like it, move to a County where each Supervisor has the time (and need) to hold two other full-time jobs. I'm not one for government waste, but this is really misplaced concern. These Supervisors are extremely busy and put in very long hours and are essentially working all of the time.

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