Sunday, July 30, 2006

Don't Blame GM for Electric Car's Demise - Los Angeles Times

Don't Blame GM for Electric Car's Demise
Regarding "Movie Casts the Electric Car as Hero, GM as Bad Guy," July 15:
Andrius V. Varnas
Redondo Beach
Letter to the Los Angeles Times

>>It is a myth that electric cars do not pollute; the pollution is simply transferred from the tailpipe to the generating plant.

It is a myth that electric cars reduce our dependence on fossil fuels; except for nuclear and hydroelectric power, generating plants burn fossil fuels or coal.
The fact is that each EV1 cost GM about $150,000 to make. That is the reason the automaker did not sell the cars but leased them for about $500 a month, which included all maintenance. (Parts were not available at Pep Boys.)

You could never lease a $150,000 car for $500 a month on the open market. GM was subsidizing EV1 drivers — no wonder they liked it.<<

Good points.

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