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Video Games, Employment, and Marriage

Matt Walsh posted this Daily Wire story by Paul Bois to knock men for supposedly "playing video games instead of finding jobs"/
A new study shows that young males would rather sit on their rears while playing "Grand Theft Auto" than look for long, steady work.
Oh really now?
According to research from economists from Princeton, the University of Rochester and the University of Chicago, non-college educated men are rejecting full-time employment and spending as much as 40 hours a week playing video games.
I'm sure there are some who did this. But how many have been looking hard for work, aren't finding it, and are enjoying a little entertainment with their free time? What are those guys supposed to do? Oh, I know... they're supposed to be lackeys to women.
​The University of Chicago's Erik Hurst, an economist at the Booth School of Business, confirms that happiness, at least for now, has gone up among this group of people.
This is when the misandrists say that happiness shouldn't be a goal.

That happiness may, perhaps inevitably, be short-lived.
True, they might get married.
While the young, able-bodied males may take joy in the moment playing video games, they will be in for a rude-awakening when their 30's and 40's hit, having spent the majority of their adult life living at home with mom and dad while using all of their free time to play video games.
Sure, if they are using all of their free time to play games. But how many are really doing that?

Izquierdo says that his time spent playing video games is rewarding, but the reward is purely carnal.
It's a good thing that buying another,  superfluous handbag or pair of shoes isn't like that.

No money awarded for racking up a high score, no job promotion for beating that next level,
And what do you think is going on when men instead hang out in dive bars or play golf?

no relationships gained by saving the day.
Hey, that's a HUGE plus!
Overall, only 88 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 54 are working or looking for work
Now do women.
Young men without college degrees have replaced 75 percent of the time they used to spend working with time on the computer, mostly playing video games
Time on the computer... you mean that machine that has replaced newspapers, magazines, books, radios, telephones, compact discs, paint canvases, and countless other things?
Previous assumptions dictated that a poor economy leads to time spent playing video games, but the research actually shows that video games lure young males away from the work force.
Really? How many guys  have said, "You know, take this job and shove it. I'm going to stay home playing games instead"?

Look at the bright side! Fewer toxic men harassing and assaulting women in workplaces, or mainsplaining, manspreading, or hepeating! Everyone should be happy with this.

Someone named Dusty Sutton replied to Walsh's Facebook post:

I chose work and video games. The women around here are undateable so I resorted to online mmorpgs in my late 20s after my divorce. These days with no-fault divorce and the current feminist mindset of women has made the risk of marriage outweigh the benefits. It's hard as men need companionship and intimacy, but these days finding a suitable spouse is almost impossible. I can't say I blame men for playing video games if it we're just to replace dating and not replace work.
Men do not need companionship and intimacy with women.

Josh Entrup:

My last relationship was so bad, that I don't seek anyone right now. Currently playing Fallout 4 in my house by myself and I'm fine with that.
Mindy Carvell:

Look for a good woman at church.

You mean the place where we constantly hear about how bad it is that men like seeing the female form but not nearly as much about sloth, greed, gluttony, and gossip?

There are single mothers who have gotten themselves on the right path who are looking for a good man.
NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO!!! None of these men should come in an play Captain Saveaho, even if she says she's all better now. No. Women should not expect to hump every bad boy on Tinder, get knocked up, subject a child to a broken home and all of the behavior problems that will arise, accumulate debt, and then expect good old reliable, financially solvent Poindexter to rescue her.

Sutton responded:
I've considered that. I have to travel 21 miles to find a church with any single women in it though. I'm kind of in a rural town. I dated a single mom once and went to church with her, but her mom warned me ahead of time that she was defiant. And, she was right. It lasted about a week. My ex wife was on the worship team at her church but I don't think she was born again. She argued for gay rights and slept in the other room to punish me until she got her way. Feminism has entered the church, so even at church I'll need to use discernment in finding a woman suitable for marriage. I recently had a woman tell me to wait on God to help me discern when a woman comes along who wants to be a helpmeet and who doesnt have selfish ambitions. So yes, she needs to be a Christian, but she also needs to be born again. Not everyone at church is born again. We are living in the last days and in many ways that has created a lot of confusion and has created a lot of unique circumstances that we haven't seen much throughout history.
If he's so sure the end of the world is around the corner, why bother with marriage?

Aryn Bedrick:

A video game playing loser is not attractive to a worthy woman. Just saying.
That's OK. There aren't many worthy women.

It's that kind of comment why men choose video games over women. Good men don't like women who make those kind of snarky remarks. I myself don't play video games anymore. It was a way to distract myself and cope after my divorce. A lot of men these days consider women mean and vindictive. We are just plain too afraid to date. With divorce courts and the legal system in general almost always siding with women, men don't want to marry...Don't get me wrong. I want to be married, badly. I hate not having a wife to be a best friend and romantic partner. Sadly the pickings are slim though. It's not that there is a shortage of single women. It's easy to get a date. It's the fact that so many women have been brainwashed by our culture of "you go girl" and "you don't need no man to take care of you" that men have had enough. It isn't worth it.
Poor guy.

Randall Ark:
Aryn Bedrick, sorry, but my wife would disagree. We both work, go to church, have two kids, and I play video games and *GASP* Dungeons and Dragons when I'm not spending time with my family or working.

The main thing is having balance. I could say a knitting loser is not attractive to any worthy man. Gaming is a hobby like anything else. Strike a balance. Just saying.
Cindy Lemoine:

I did not realize men feel this way. I do agree that a lot of women today are as you described. That's not a popular opinion, so I applaud you for being bold enough to speak it and to not settle. I for one feel it's hard to find a mature, Godly man, one who doesn't lie and cheat, one with ambitions. I'm fine with video games. Everyone needs to decompress and to have hobbies. It's when it interferes with the relationship and life that I draw the line. The last man I dated (8 years ago, my 2nd time around with my college sweetheart, while going through a divorce--yeah, not my brightest idea) played video games when he wasn't working or sleeping, and even sleep took a backseat. One day I tallied how long he played that day. It was easy: 19 out of 24. Anyway, don't give up hope and may you continue to hold to your standards for a wife and may God bring you together.

Alice Galeotti:

You are so sadly mistaken. Marriage is a sweet and cherished blessing when done God’s way.
What is God's way? In New Testament times, girls got married at ages illegal in most states today. Polygyny was a thing. What happened to fornicators and adulterers? Sexual withholders? What did divorce look like? What about gender roles? By these considerations, almost none of marriages in modern America are done God's way.

Bev Wafford Morris:
You should have found out these things about your wife before you married her.
Yeah, that's always possible, right?
I wasted YEARS of my life on men who did not want the same things as I did or who did not have the same beliefs, getting attached to them in spite of knowing it could never work out.
All of the things they did together during that time was a "waste". The conversations, the meals, the activities, whatever else they did, was a "waste". Why should men pay for dates until they are sure a woman could be their wife? I mean, that's wasting money, isn't it?

Stephanie Michelle:
You'll find her because God will bring her to you and there will be NO denying it.
Do people think through these things before the say it? There are Christians who never marry. The Lord apparently didn't do that for them. What about all of the Christians who get divorced? Look, I'm a believer, but the fact is, He lets some little kids die of cancer. That is part of the world we are licing in. How can we possibly say He WILL bring someone the right spouse? There is no Biblical passage that indicates that is a universal promise.

It's perfectly legitimate for Christian men to decide not to marry or even date.

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