Monday, September 22, 2014

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Things were pretty bleak when I wrote this.

Things are slightly better now, although our home is slipping back into a mess.

The main reason things are better is that I'm paying a significant amount of money for others to take over more responsibilities we'd originally planned for my wife to handle. This expense was unplanned. It has done a number on our finances, which means we will suffer in the future as a result, and we're going without certain wants right now, but for the time being things are better as far as our needs.

I think back to when I was single and I was continuously building up my liquid savings, fully funding my Roth IRA, etc. Whenever an "emergency" came up like significant car work, I didn't have to worry about it. I knew I could pay it. I rented an apartment back then, and I know that if I had just stayed that course, I could have bought a nice (not big, but big enough for a single guy) in a nice area at the bottom the market, maybe paying cash for half of the price (which is no small feat in the greater Los Angeles area). When this sort of thing is what you daydream about, you know you've screwed yourself.

More "good news" is that we went only one week between having sex, instead of two or three. I remember when we felt bad for my wife's sister and her husband because we found out that they were only doing it once per week. That was back in the early days of our marriage, when my wife knew she had to keep me around long enough to get pregnant.

The recent sex was Clinton-style. I'd wanted to enjoy my wife's body, caress her, bring pleasure to her, etc., but I wasn't about to turn down my "reward" for good behavior. Yup. It's like that. If I'm not jumping through the hoops just right, I get punished with withheld sex. If I do things just right, my wife might engage in the chore of actually having some form of sex with me. She actually did a pretty good job (no pun intended), even though she avoided some things she knows I like that she used to do.

Hey single guys! You, too, can have a life like this. Just legally sign over half of everything you'll ever earn and pay for a series of huge parties where your wife gets to play the queen.

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