Monday, July 21, 2014

Taking a Sick Day?

I'm usually suffering from not getting enough sleep, but when I'm also fighting an illness I've caught from my kids, it's a double whammy.

My kids always seem to be sick. I think they could stand better hygiene, better nutrition, and cleaner home environment... gee, if only they had a stat-at-home-mom. Oh wait, they do!

Anyway, one of the "advantages" of being a married father is that staying home is not restful. In the limited thought process I can muster while waking up, I realize that if I stay home, I will not be able to sleep. The kids will be fighting with each other or their mother. I will be be summoned to do some tasks. The dog will either demand to be let out of the room or let back in by constantly scratching at the door.

If I was living alone, I could take the day off from work and relax.

But I don't live alone.

Yes, yes, I realize that single mothers and mothers in general usually still have to take care of the family and home while sick. I get that. However, for lack of a more romantic way of putting it, I earn income and then, by law, I'm essentially paying my wife half of my income. I planned things out so that my children would have to parents and there would be a division of labor. I give my wife plenty of time to herself.

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