Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Up to Her

At the end of yesterday's show (Monday, April 29, 2013) Dr. Laura was yet again dealing with a guy she noted was acting like a boy rather than a man and not being alpha, because his wife was disagreeing with him about the daughter's boyfriend being in their home while they were not there. Essentially, the wife was giving her encouragement to their 17 year-old daughter to have sex with another 17 year-old.

The sad fact is, that legally speaking, a husband only has as much power as his wife allows. Even if he's willing to endure the loss of domestic peace, loss of companionship, loss of sex, divorce, misandrist family courts/laws, the loss of over half of every material thing for which he's worked, a requirement of (sometimes) lifetime alimony payments, and paying "child support" more than what is required to raise a child... the wife can still get her way by simply calling the authorities and claiming domestic violence, and he will be hauled away. The daughter can get her way by calling the authorities and claiming abuse. The daughter's boyfriend can ignore whatever threat the husband makes, because should the husband harm him, the daughter's boyfriend can have him arrested and can sue him.

This is the world we've created, and if his wife knows it, she has the power. Whatever power the husband has is at the permission of his wife.

Even if a man chose a wife wisely, his wife can suffer a brain injury, disease, or hormonal imbalance that turns her into someone who misuses the power our system gives her.

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  1. Sadly you're right. I find in married life some battles are just not worth fighting. You can end up worse off if you win than if you lose.


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