Thursday, March 07, 2013

Quick Question

Consider this scenario:

You're married.

You've been telling your spouse you should be doing things as a couple more.

You've been telling your spouse you know you need to make more of an effort to increase the frequency of lovemaking.

Lovemaking is down to about once per week.

You last made love about four nights ago.

Your kids have been an hour away with family since yesterday and won't be back until late tomorrow.

Today, while away working, your spouse texts you saying he'd like to take you out for dinner (or she'd like to be taken out for dinner) or, if not that, at least bring something home for you.


A) Accept.

B) Decline because you plan to make wild passionate love in several rooms of the home the moment your spouse gets home.

C) Accept, on the stated or unstated condition that you will make wild passionate love in several rooms of the home after dinner.

D) Decline so you could have your spouse help you with chores (you've been doing chores all day), then after your spouse has been home for a while, you send that spouse out to bring back some fast food, then you have the spouse do a few more chores before your spouse goes to bed too late to get a full night's rest.

Which would YOU choose?

She chose option D.

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