Thursday, August 16, 2012

Men Want Sex More Than Women

That men want sex more than women is a demonstrable and undeniable fact of life.

I'm talking about men as a group and women as a group. That has to be stated, because whenever anyone says that men want sex more than women, there'll usually be someone who says, "Nuh-uh! I want it more than my husband!" Yes, there are some women who want sex more than some men, but overall, men as a group want sex more than women as a group.

There are some people who deny this to be the case. Most of these people have come to cling to this false belief have done so after years and years of being brainwashed in graduate programs, or believing someone who has.

But facts are stubborn things.

The fact is, the overwhelming majority of customers for one of the world's oldest professions are men. Even most customers for male prositutes are other men.

Formal or informal polygamy is much more common than polyandry, and I suspect the fact I'm writing about has something to do with that in addition to the realities of social/political/religious inequalities between the sexes favoring men, the importance of a man believing his wife's child is biological offspring, or the fact that one man with three women can easily poduce three children in nine month's time but one woman with three men is much more likely to produce only one child in the same amount of time.

Worldly women know that they can have have sex any day they want to with no money or effort - not necessarily with a great partner, but with any number of grown men. But even the most skilled male seducer or pick-up artist knows he has to make certain efforts, follow cerstain steps, or spend some amount of money to have a good chance of having sex on any given day.

Guys, for the most part, are still expected to do the pursuing, whatever form that may take. It could be buying a drink, and it could be proposing marriage. One reason why is supply & demand. Men "demand" sex more than women supply sex... because men want sex more than women.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, no misogynist or conservative idealogue, notes that unlike with male homosexual couples, sex often (not always) fades away and ceases for long-term female homosexual couples.

You can argue that other factors come into play... morals, that sex costs women more when it comes to physical risks and emotional results... or something else. But that doesn't change the fact that, whatever those factors are, it all cashes out as men wanting sex more than women.

Why men want sex more than women and the implications of this fact for imporant and not-so-important matters of life is something I can write about later.

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