Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It’s Simple

Like most men, it really doesn't take much to keep me happy and satisfied. As long as my stomach is full, my testicles are empty, I have some time to myself, I have some guy time, I get to church fairly regularly, I can hug and kiss my wife and kids, I'm not being nagged, and I am being respected… life is good.

I don't need the latest electronics, motor vehicles, or expensive clothes.

I don't need season tickets for sporting events.

I don't need to travel. I don't need expensive food or food that is complicated to prepare. I can even buy and make my food myself. I don’t need to party. I don't need to use tobacco or to smoke anything. I don't need booze or gambling. There's no television show I just have to watch.

I do not get much guy time these days, and haven't for a long time. That's a problem. That may change soon. I hope it does.

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