Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clooney's on a Marriage Strike

[I am bumping this up because Clooney continues to prove this to be true with a recent breakup.]
I saw on my online portal something about "why George Clooney won't get married". I didn't need to read the story. The reasons why Clooney won't get married should be readily apparent. He's considered one of the sexiest men alive. He's rich and famous. In my estimation, he won't get married because there's nothing in it for him, in his way of thinking. He can get everything he wants without being married. In fact, not being married makes it easier for him to get everything he wants. Nobody in the public or the media is going to give him grief no matter how many women he has sex with. Contrast that with Tiger Woods. Because Tiger Woods was married, it was a problem. Nobody would have given Woods grief over all of his flings and affairs if he hadn't been married.

Clooney is one of those men who women will admit they would have sex with him if all the time they'd ever have with him would be ten minutes. Some of these women insist they need romance, wining and dining, and a lot of foreplay, maybe even a "committed relationship" to have sex, but within a minute of meeting Clooney they'd be naked and on top of him.

George's retort: "I hate to blow your whole news story, but I was married, so I gave it a shot."
This is not why he won't remarry. If failing or having a bad experience at something caused Clooney to quit it, then he would have stopped acting long ago, because even the best actors have the projects they regret – if not because of the final product then because of the process of creating it.

Clooney and Italian actress/model Canalis, 32, have been dating since 2009.
And when he's done with her or she's done with him, he won't have to pay her alimony. If they actually stay together, then what has he lost (in his eyes) by not being married to her? (When we no longer shame sex outside of marriage, this is a natural result.)

Actually, by saying he's not going to get married, it's like a challenge to some women who are convinced that if they just try hard enough (= give him a lot of good sex and doting and no drama), then he'll change his mind and marry them.

All kidding aside, I have heard from someone who has dealt with him in person. We're not talking about a model or someone Clooney needed to butter up. From what she said about him, it sounds like he's a genuinely nice guy who really does care about people. I wish him the best, and I hope he's gotten snipped. If he doesn't want to get married, he should make sure he's not going to get anyone pregnant. Especially at his age.

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  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Clooney, Bill Maher and Charlie Sheen are leading the way to social acceptance of the confirmed bachelor lifestyle. These guys are (except maybe Charlie) left wing Hollywood types though. When prominent athletes and musicians start declaring their dedication to the bachelor lifestyle, the floodgates will really start to open.

    Even religious, conservative young men will start questioning the idea of marriage. They'll most likely go through with it anyway, as social conservatives are the gift that just keeps the feminist power structure (that is until the so-cons stop going after the red bullfighter's cape of gay marriage and start attacking no-fault divorce, the corrupt family courts, etc.).

    Regardless, for the rest of us, marriage is looking worse and worse by the day. Ten years ago, I would have been ready to say yes, but I can't see myself biting that bullet.


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