Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Twitter Disclaimer

I'm on Twitter. Here is my disclaimer.

1) When I tweet my own statements, they are my own personal statements, whether sarcastic or ironic or not. They don't represent anyone or anything else, such as an employer.

2) Follows and retweets are not endorsements unless I specify otherwise. I follow accounts because I want to see what they tweet, not necessarily because I agree. I might want to see their tweets because I disagree. I retweet because I want others to see the tweet; I might agree with it, I might disagree with it. Just because I haven't blocked someone from following me doesn't mean I agree with them or like them.

3) Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I sometimes quote or retweet people with whom I mostly disagree, and sometimes I agree the tweet is true or worth seeing, even if I strongly disagree with just about everything else the account promotes.

4) I sometimes question statements and arguments even if I agree with the conclusion or goal. Bad arguments should be exposed as such even if the argument is attempting to support a position with which I agree.

5) When it comes to politics and civics and most of everyday life, I support limited government, individual liberty and personal accountability.  I freely admit I want a theocracy, but not until Jesus Christ appears again and will be an omnibenevolent dictator. Until then, I want people to be as free of government involvement in their lives as is practical, and I support general freedom of religion, property rights, etc.

6) I look at people as individuals and consider their statements and actions, not whatever group or category to which they might belong. I might disagree with the statements or actions of an activist group but not have any ill will for, or dislike of, individuals those activists claim to represent. Criticizing organizations doesn't mean I think all members of those organizations are at fault; I might even think the organization is generally good. I disagree with actual racism, whomever that racism targets (I don't consider wanting border security or controls on immigration to be inherently racist.) I disagree with antisemitism.

7) I do not hate women. Fully half of my ancestors were women, I have sisters, I married a woman, and I have a daughter. I recognize that men and women are different. I oppose undue sexist discrimination, whether misandrist or misogynist. I support equal protection under the law for both men and women in so far as possible. Since men don't get pregnant and most women can for some of their life, laws will never be entirely equal. I can no longer encourage most men to enter into the state contract we currently call marriage nor the social arrangement most of our current culture currently calls marriage, nor encourage men to conceive children. None of this is based on hatred for women,  nor do I accept that watching grown women choosing to appear nude in a club or on stage or on-camera or having real or simulated sex on-camera is "hating women" any more than it is hating men to view men who do the same things.

8) I generally oppose cults and cultic behavior, whether those cults consider themselves religious or not.

9) I think theories about ongoing major conspiracies are generally bunk.

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