Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There's No Better Place in the World

This entry is a little hot-n-heavy as I talk about lovemaking. You are warned.

I make no secret here on this blog and to my wife that I love, love, love cunnilingus. Call it what you will – going down, visiting the sushi bar, painting the alphabet with your tongue...

...or whatever...I enjoy giving oral sex. I would do it all day if my wife could stand it and we had no other responsibilities. I feel sorry for guys who don't enjoy it. I think they are missing out. I find it arousing.

I think there are a combination of factors as to why.

Of course I enjoy bringing pleasure to my wife, and everything surrounding that, such has her physical reactions. I like to listen to the changes in her breathing, her sighs, her gasps, the facial expressions she makes, the spasms, the arching of her back. It is the surest was to give her an orgasm, which I find a strong turn-on.

I like to see her relaxed and open to me, doing nothing but focusing on taking it all in. There is something I find especially intimate about this, especially when I am holding her hand.

I'm an oral person in general. I think I would have an easier time keeping my weight down if my lips and tongue spent more time on and in my wife.

I like the taste and smell; it is probably something I learned to crave through association. The feel, the textures – it is all nice to explore, to savor.

It is even more of a treat when she runs her fingers through my hair, or uses her legs to urge me to continue.

Teasing her with the anticipation is also something I usually include... slowly making my way there, kissing her belly or legs as I get closer and closer.

Mmmm.... better stop there.

Guys, what say you?

Ladies, I know every woman is different, but if you have anything to add, especially suggestions, feel free (as always).

Tips to aid your man:

1. Tell him what you're liking or want him to try. "Yeah, right there. Stay there." or "move over here" or "softer" or "slow down" or "faster" or "a little higher" or "use this while you're down there – I just changed the batteries"... whatever... tell him and show him what you want. By the way, letting him watch as you masturbate to climax will probably give him some clues about what to do in the future.

2. Groom. Some guys like prefer it very hairy. Some guys prefer it smooth. Some prefer something in between. Some like it to change.

3. Wash up. You want him to be clean when you go down on him, don't you? If you washed up earlier in the day and haven't been out running a marathon, you should be fine.

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